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Ashley Heeley's South Downs Way Diary

Last Night / Day

Well that's it. All done.

We went out to sample the delights of Eastborne which to be honest are few and far between. We all fancied seafood being near the sea and went to a Belgium restaurant which specialised in moules and we sampled a few Belgium beers which were very nice indeed. Afterwards we tried in vain to find a decent pub. We went to the end of the pier and the pub was dreadful. The rest of the pubs either had very loud music and/or young people in not much clothing falling out of them. We eventually found one which had a karaoke going on which I don't like. Now Karen and I were put on trial and (wrongly) found guilty of mis-planning the route and our sentence was karaoke (a drinking penalty was deemed too enjoyable!!!). Now I would rather walk through nettles than try to sing in public but Karen was game and she did a great rendition of ‘These Boots Are Made for Walking.

We called it a day and retired. The B&B we stayed was great though. The couple had obviously spent time restoring an old property and they paid attention to the little things. The rooms were nice and the breakfast was great. Probably a 10 I couldn't fault it.

We did a bit of shopping for presents and Matt managed quite happily to buy something for Tracy without our help. The boy is learning. We said our goodbyes and caught our trains home with thought for next year.

















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