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Ashley Heeley's South Downs Way Diary
Day 6

Day 6 Alfriston to Eastborne 11.5 miles

Today thankfully was everything we hoped it would be. We planned that the last day would be an easy day, taking in the cliffs, 3 pubs and eventually the seaside. After the hard last couple of days we were looking forward to today.

Because we knew today would be easy we did seem to celebrate a bit early last night. Probably a bit too much was drunk especially the red wine to go with the cheese board. Still it was a good night and we arranged to meet Karen et al at the YH which is a mile up the road.

The B&B we stopped in was OKish but the guy was a miserable git. It was probably the worst of the week though. The bed was soggy (probably cheap old mattress) and he had a poor attitude and was obviously watching the pennies. The breakfast wasn't bad though (6), a bit over cooked but a better attitude would have been nice.

So we set off from Alfriston, which is a very pretty village, probably too pretty. It has a lovely general store but I resisted the temptation to buy anything. I couldn’t take any pictures as the locals seem to ignore the double yellow lines and park in front of it. Shame. We met up with our friends and set off down the river toward the sea. We did see a heron, a sandpiper and a yellowhammer sitting on a gate post.

South Downs Way 2008 12
White Horse on the path out of Alfriston

South Downs Way 2008 13
River Cuckmere outside Alfriston

South Downs Way 2008 14
On the path from Alfriston to our rendezvous with the first pub stop.

South Downs Way 2008 15
Yellow Hammer perched on the right hand gate post. Honest it is there.

South Downs Way 2008 16
Friendly sparrow eating some crumbs at the Golden Galleon, the first pub stop.

We reached our first pub and stopped for a sit down and drink of lime and soda. After, we were soon on the beach and the spectacular line of white cliffs of the 7 sisters lay before us. After photos, we climbed to the top of the first sister and walked along the tops in lovely sunny weather, climbing up then down each of the cliff tops until we reached Birling Gap and lunch. The next part was the climb up to Beachy Head and the views and the weather continued to be fantastic.

South Downs Way 2008 17
Seven Sisters from the Beach at Cuckmere Haven

South Downs Way 2008 18
Seven Sisters with random unknown person on

South Downs Way 2008 19
Seven Sisters

South Downs Way 2008 20
Seven Sisters (again)

South Downs Way 2008 21
Dale nearing the top of the first sister (Haven Brow)

South Downs Way 2008 22
Looking back from Haven Brow (Mark in the distance below)

South Downs Way 2008 23
Looking across the Seven Sisters from Haven Brow

South Downs Way 2008 24
Looking back across the Seven Sisters

South Downs Way 2008 25
Dale at Birling Gap (2nd pub stop and lunch)

South Downs Way 2008 26
Me at Birling Gap

South Downs Way 2008 30
Beachy Head lighthouse

South Downs Way 2008 31
Beachy Head lighthouse (Beachy Head was our 3rd pub stop and celebration ice cream)

We resisted the temptation to chuck ourselves off but the sign for the Samaritans showed the serious and sad side of this location. We had a stop at the pub and had a celebratory ice cream from the van. The final stroll into Eastborne was easy and we posed for photos at the end point and yes you've guessed it we had a celebration well earned pint.

South Downs Way 2008 32
Approaching Eastborne

South Downs Way 2008 33
Team Beer coming down the hill to Eastbourne

South Downs Way 2008 34
The start (or in our case the finish) of the SDW

South Downs Way 2008 35
Job done - Team Beer - Dale, me, Karen, Mike, Matt at the end of the SDW and ready for a pint.

South Downs Way 2008 37 
Down the prom to Eastbourne.

Our hotel is about a mile into town and superb it is too.

Now planning our last night out. We fancied seafood so there is this Belgian place that specialises in moules and Belgium beer which sounds good. I'll update when I get back. 


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