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Ashley Heeley's Coast to Coast Diary
Day Nine

Day 9 - Swaledale and a swollen ankle

Keld to Reeth

Today was supposed to be an easier day but it turned out to be quite a challenge.

Swaledale meadow and barn with Curlew on top near Keld

After a reasonable breakfast (5) at the youth hostel we set off with Kieran to do the 11-mile walk to Reeth. We decided to start on the high route but the cloud was down. When we got to the old lead mining ruins at Gunnerside Gill we decided to walk down to Gunnerside to pick up the so called low route in the Stedman book which then duly climbed again to the top of the valley. By this time Kieran was suffering a bit but he showed tremendous determination so I felt a combination of guilt for putting him through it and pride for his grim determination to finish without being carried or picked up by his mum. We staggered into Reeth at 4pm just in time for the England match.

Kieran at waterfall in Keld

Now, Janine was supposed to save us seats to watch the match but we couldn’t find her. After searching the 3 pubs we couldn’t see her anywhere. Thankfully the landlord at the Black Bull said she was at the Buck Inn where they had a big screen in the back room. Sure enough there she was with our Coast-to-Coast friends and half of Swaledale, so we joined them to watch Beckham put England into the last 8.

The bad news is that my old Achilles injury is playing up and is now quite swollen and sore. I just hope it doesn't get worse but it's a concern.

So I bade farewell to Janine and Kieran. It was great to see them again and Kieran did magnificently today. We now re-enter the strange bubble that is the coast-to-coast walk and look forward to a nice curry in Richmond.

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