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Ashley Heeley's Coast to Coast Diary
Day Seven

Day 7 - Tea room, chocolate, looking for Red Squirrels and Skylarks

Shap to Newbiggin-on-Lune

Very chaotic start to the day after a great meal in the Greyhound last night. The pudding was superb so had to walk it off today.

The chaos was at breakfast as Louis and his mother were very nice but a tad clueless. Breakfast was at 8 and we eventually got it at 8.40 which meant we were late for a 9.00 start and it was rubbish. I donít think the sausage had seen the grill for very long. So rating 3. The chaos summed up as when we asked for our ordered packed lunch Louis said he forgot to tell his mum!! So we left without.

Dale with Sign out of his head with M6 in background

As we left in a hurry I left my shampoo and shower gel (disaster eh!) And we thought we had missed our rendezvous with Pat and Miriam. As it turned out we hadn't. We were stood on the bridge over the M6 waving to the lucky commuters when we saw 2 figures trudging through the fields waving frantically and it was them. It seems their set off was as chaotic as ours. They gave us 'flowers' which I put in my hat and we set off leaving the M6 and industry behind and entered countryside again.

The weather was perfect not too hot but dry. It was a little annoying that Kidsty Pike that was covered in cloud yesterday was clear today. Anyway, as we had no lunch we decided to go off route to visit Orton. Orton is a lovely village and we went to Kennedy's Tea Room for a sandwich. Happily they also make their own chocolate which was very nice so I must come back with Janine, Rhiannon and Kieran.

The other feature of the day was the number of skylarks. All day we heard their distinctive song as they hovered high above us. We also saw a buzzard patrolling the sky just before we entered Orton. A magnificent site.

As we were staying in Newbiggin a few miles before Kirkby Stephen, we bade farewell to Miriam and Pat as although we will see them tomorrow night in Muker when Janine and Kieran pay a visit, we won't walk with them until the last leg. We will miss them as they are great fun and we had a few giggles today.

Lovely B&B, best so far. As there is no pub close by we had dinner here and very nice it was too. The pub however is 1.5 miles away so we decided to go down anyway and watch the footy. The landlady kindly offered to come down and pick us up. When we got down there it seems that there are a number of red squirrels there and the lady behind the bar said we would see them. I have never seen a red squiggy but alas they didn't appear but the killer midges did. Again I must come back with Keegy to see if they appear.

Pat and Miriam showing their best side!!!! on route to Kirkby Steven

So tomorrow we have an 18-mile walk to Keld. Keld is not only half way but we will leave Cumbria and enter god's own county and Janine and Keegy are coming to meet us so that will be great.

I know you are hanging on for a snoring update!! Anyway last night was 5/6 so not bad. Must try and improve.

See you all soon and have a good weekend.

Squirrel sign - Newbiggin

Viaduct at Smardale



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