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Ashley Heeley's Coast to Coast Diary
Day Six

Day 6 - Farewell to the Lake District

Patterdale to Shap

Well last night we said bye to Canada Bruce and today we bade a fond farewell to the magnificent Lake District.

We woke up to a grey wet day with the cloud covering the high ground. We met up with Pat and Miriam and set off. We climbed for about 5 miles. It was a long hard climb in the rain which got harder as we got higher as the cloud whirled around but we eventually reached Kidsty Pike the highest point of the walk at about 2400 feet . Unfortunately we didn't get any views but it was a relief to be going down hill.

Miriam, Pat and Dale on route to top of Kidsty Pike

We found out later that the God Squad (members of a church trying to raise funds to help renovate it) took a wrong turn and ended up on High Street (no M&S up there!). Thankfully they didnít go too far before turning back. Very easy done in those conditions.

Our friend Bruce (from Darlington not Canada) had rung yesterday and arranged to meet us on route. It was great to meet him as we came down from the top. The walk took us along Haweswater and eventually to Shap. Now Bruce (Darlington) is a great one for lists and as Pat and Miriam were with us he set them the challenge of naming 5 famous New Zealanders. We got as far as Edmund Hillary and they didnít get many more if any. They promised to call their husbands for advice. We are still waiting for additions to Edmund Hillary!!!

Miriam & Dale on top of Kidsty - note the great views!!!!!!

It was a shock to the system to see the M6 and the West Coast main line with the factories in Shap. The Lakes have been fantastic and walking with non-UK people has made us appreciate more the scenery we take for granted.

Nikki and her husband said they saw a red squirrel at the end of Haweswater and they were just behind us. Unfortunately we didnít see one which is a great shame, as Iíve never seen one.

Dale seems to be getting stronger which is great. After the 16 miles today my legs ache and it is the first time that they've stiffened up. It was a long hard day today with another long if flatter day tomorrow.

Today was another distinctly average breakfast rating only a 5. Looking forward to something better sometime. The snoring rating was back down to a 5 so the earplugs must be helping. The meal tonight in the Greyhound was great though probably the best yet and the beer was good.

Anyway, going now.

Pat and me - Kidsty

Dale and me - Kidsty

Shap Abbey

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