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Ashley Heeley's Coast to Coast Diary
Day Five

Day 5 - Windy day, no Helvellyn

Grasmere to Patterdale

Sign to Patterdale at Grasmere

After the excitement of last night's match it was back to the business in hand.

Breakfast had us giggling away as where we stayed is a Quaker retreat (hence the number of old people) and we turned up for breaky at 8.15 as told but we couldn’t go in until the bell rang so we dutifully joined the line with the old timers until the bell rang. We then all queued politely (as we are British or ex-colony of). A strange experience and a bit of a throw back but it started us off in a happy mood.

Breakfast rating 4 a bit rubbish if amusing. On the snoring front back to a 6-but Dale bought some earplugs in Grasmere so that should help him.

Met up with Bruce (Pat and Miriam were staying at the same place as us) and set off on the short up and over (10 miles) to Grasmere. As we were puffing up Tongue Beck we were buzzed by the RAF again flying at about our height. I tried waving to them but they didn't wave back. Miserable or what! When we got to Grisedale Tarn we had to decide whether to go up Helvellyn but seeing as the wind was nearly blowing us over we decided not to. We bumped into John (aka Tom) and Gerri again, which was nice.

Dale seems to be getting a bit stronger but is still not right by any means and may sit out tomorrow but knowing him he won't. I just hope he doesn't push it. He's got a dodgy knee as well so not too good. I'm ok so far so fingers crossed.

On route to Patterdale from Great Tongue

Tonight we are staying at the White Lion in Patterdale where Kieran and I came for our tea the other week after climbing Skiddaw. It is where we say farewell to Bruce who is staying in Patterdale for an extra day to try and tackle Helvellyn. So we will bid him a fond farewell and we will miss him. He has been terrific company. The ladies are still with us so we will continue to have a good laugh.

Tomorrow is the 16-mile trek to Shap where we reach the highest point of the walk on Kidsty Pike. The book says tomorrow is a tiring day and we say bye to the lakes.

Must go now to drink beer and have the farewell dinner in the pub.

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