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Ashley Heeley's Coast to Coast Diary
Day Four

Day 4 - Beating the weather

Stonethwaite to Grasmere

Good night last night. The pub served great food and we met up with Miriam and Pat the ladies from New Zealand and another couple John (aka Tom) and Gerri. They were taking a more leisurely route to Robin Hood’s Bay and seemed very different with Gerri talking ‘very proper’ as my mum would say, but John (aka Tom) a bit more industrial. They told us their adventures on the Inca Trail and were good company.

Good B&B and the best breakfast so far. Probably a 7 and a 7 for the packed lunch that had a Mars Bar in it.

Today was a short walk to Grasmere over Greenup Edge. We set off in good time with the landlady saying we would need to be in Grasmere by 3pm to miss the rain. The Landlady seemed to dislike Americans and was giving an American women a hard time at breakfast. We managed to catch up with Bruce and the NZ ladies (so they must be walking slow) half way up Greenup Gill. Quite amazed when Bruce whips out his tripod at a viewing spot for a group photo. At the top we had to debate whether we took the high route or the low route and after a long debate and checking Dale's fitness and the weather the high route was chosen. We bade farewell to Cindy and Nelson who were going onto Patterdale so they took the low route and we could see the dust behind them as they sprinted off.

Bruce (Canada), Miriam, and Dale on Route to Grasmere

Bruce, Dale, Pat, Mirium and me on the way up Greenup edge

Anyway, we walked on the ridge and it proved to be the best decision as the views were quite breathtaking. We were obviously pretty high as an RAF fighter plane roared down the valley below us. We managed to just beat the rain into Grasmere.

The B&B is very strange. It seems full of old people. They served tea and cakes at 4.30 and we joined the queue behind these geriatrics. I just hope they don't liquidise my breakfast in the morning. There is a drying room so I've managed to wash some tops and we have an en-suite so no dash across the landing after a shower.

Now back from the pub after watching the match. Bruce (from Canada) enjoyed the cultural experience but we are just glad we topped the group.

Hope for a better night on the snoring front. Apparently I was back to an 8 last night so must improve.

Dale on top of Helm Crag

Getting ready for tomorrow for the short day to Patterdale. Another up and over day. The weather forecast is for gale force winds so Helvellyn is out which is a shame. After tomorrow we say goodbye to the Lake District and it will be sad, as they have been magnificent. Everywhere we've gone we have seen the beautiful purple foxgloves and the scenery has been wonderful. The purple foxgloves would be the flower of our walk, as they would follow us all the way to Robin Hood’s Bay. We will also say bye to Canada Bruce who is staying in Patterdale when we move on.

Off to bed now. Will be in touch but it may be a couple of days as there will be no service in Patterdale. 

Don't forget to update the wall chart Chris please.

Me on top of Helm Crag

Grasmere from Helm Crag

Me and Dale

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