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Ashley Heeley's Coast to Coast Diary
Day Two

Day 2 - A wet day, a very wet day

Moor Row to Ennerdale Bridge

Good night last night. The B&B owner drove us to the pub, as there are none in the village of Moor Row. Had a pint of Directors, which was rubbish. Went back to Guinness. Food OK though. Had to walk about a mile back along the main road where the cars seem to go at incredible speeds. Decided to go Moor Row Working Menís Club, which was an experience to say the least. It was Saturday night and there canít have been more than a dozen people in. They were very friendly but a strange looking bunch. Mind you could say that about us.

Sign to Moor Row on the old railway

Woke up this morning and found the hills covered in cloud and a poor forecast didn't bode well. Whereas yesterday you could clearly see the path up Dent hill from our bedroom, today it was covered in cloud. After breakfast (rated 3/10) we set off. Moor Row and Cleator are quite depressing places and have probably seen better days. Butties were bought at the shop in Cleator and the woman in the shop was very patient putting up with our bad jokes. We signed the book, asked who ate all the pies (there was a big sign outside saying NO PIES) and moved on. All the people we met were great though pointing us in the right direction when we went wrong (even when we didnít) and smiling and waving.

Anyway we climbed Dent hill but could only imagine the views from the top (the book says it is the last view of the sea and the panorama of the lakes in front-well not today). The cloud was down and the rain started to get worse. The rest of the walk would have been nice around Nannycatch if it wasn't chucking it down.

When we got to Ennerdale Bridge we called at the pub for a bowl of soup and a half of beer (honest) to dry out a bit. We then had a 1.5-mile walk, up hill!!!! To our digs. The bad news is we have to walk back down for our dinner and then back again. You'd think 190 miles is enough without these extras. Anyway the steak and kidney pudding looks good and a pint of York brewery bitter is waiting.

Tomorrow is the first proper section 14 miles into Borrowdale. Don't think Dale will do this leg so hopefully I won't get lost.

Mobile signals will be hard to get in the next few days but will update when I can.


Day 2 - Update

The B&B is OK but the room is very ďcompact and bijou'' we have a shared bathroom so fighting for it with the other guests should be fun!!!

The landlady will bus us down to the pub tonight so only have to walk back. Uphill!

On the snoring front the Snoreeze seems to help although the decibel count goes up as it wears off. So must remember to take it when I wake up or Dale will kill me.

Meeting up with Bruce from Canada in the pub so might have a walking buddy tomorrow if Dale can't do it. I must admit I do enjoy getting to the top of the hills before he does. It makes a welcome change.

The B&B has a hot tub but the weather was horrible so we couldnít use it. We discussed with Nikki and her husband who were walking as far as Shap about how much we were looking forward to the hot tub, a glass of wine with the lovely views over Ennerdale. Alas it was not to be and we had to use the same imagination we used on the top of Dent.

Definitely going now. Still blister and ache free but that may change tomorrow.

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