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Ashley Heeley's Coast to Coast Diary
Day Fourteen

Day 14 - The end

Glaisdale to Robin Hood's Bay

After a good night in Glaisdale catching up with friends we set off on our last 20-mile leg of our 190-mile trek. The breakfast was ok (7) and as we had the run of a cottage, Dale had a room to himself and therefore didn't suffer my snoring.

The first bit of the walk to Grosmont was uneventful. We came across a member of Kate's guided group who was clearly suffering from foot problems and unfortunately she had to drop out. Such a shame so close to the finish. Out of the 9 who started in that group 4 had now dropped out.

Toll prices on the path to Grosmont

The climb out of Grosmont was a killer and thankfully that was our last climb. The bit through Littlebeck wood was pretty but by now we were feeling a bit drained and I think we were getting tired. When we bumped into the young hostellers they had a great picture of an adder that was basking in the sunshine. Unfortunately we didn't come across it. We had been able to see Whitby since we started climbing out of Grosmont onto Sleights Moor and the first glimpse of the sea gave us a real lift. The real excitement came a bit later when we got a little bit lost. We went to ask a farmer the way and he explained a way using footpaths that hadn't been used for a long time. Anyway, after wandering around fields for ages we went through a hole in a hawthorn hedge and magically we were on the right path and back on time. We called this the magic hedge as it was like the wardrobe in the Narnia tales, as time seemed to stand still. We were now on the last stretch and had a welcome cup of tea at the tearoom on the caravan park. There was only the cliff tops left and as we walked along the cliff tops our stride quickened. So after 190+ miles and 14 days Robin Hood's Bay came into view. It was a great feeling to be cheered over the finishing line by some of the fantastic people we had met along the way. So we threw our pebbles from St. Bees into the sea and paddled our feet. After a welcome shower (cold one as the hot water had gone off at the Youth Hostel) there was a long night celebrating in the Bay Hotel.

Dale the hermit

Falling Foss

The cliff tops and North sea

Robin Hood's Bay from the cliff tops

Dale, me, Pat, Miriam 'dancing' in the North Sea

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