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Ashley Heeley's Coast to Coast Diary
Day Twelve

Day 12 - The Cleveland hills at last

Ingleby Arncliffe to Clay Bank Top

Well we have found the best B&B of the walk. Not only were we greeted last night with a homemade cream tea and foot spa but this morning we were not only offered home made bread and preserves, but kippers and quality bacon and sausage with free range eggs. Absolutely fantastic and a rating of 9 (only because I can't score a 10 but it deserves it). Not only that the packed lunch was superb with the sarnies made from the homemade bread, a huge chunk of homemade cake and little touches like a glacier mint and a salt sachet. Josephine the landlady should be held up as a beacon for all landladies.

Me and Dale on top of the Wainstones (what you can't see are my legs turning to jelly due to the sheer drop on one side)

Anyway, on with the walk. Today Elaine from Cytec joined us and we welcomed her into our coast-to-coast bubble. Today was the day we hit the hills again and in a perverse sort of way we were pleased. When we were on top of Beacon Hill we could see across the Vale of Mowbray and it put into perspective our trek yesterday. The day was basically up one hill, down the other side and up the next one. We climbed Beacon Hill, Live Moor, Carlton Moor, Cringle Moor, Cold Moor and Hasty Bank and the Wainstones. The funny thing was just before Carlton Moor there is a café and it seemed all the coast to coasters were lunching there. There was Kate's guided group, Pat and Miriam who should have been further ahead, Karen and Paul had just left on their trek to Blakely Ridge and the young youth hostellers. It was great to catch up with everyone. We didn’t see the God Sqauders though. I hope they are OK. We decided to eat our immense packed lunch on the top of Carlton Bank which was great and we could watch everyone else struggling up after their bacon butties and cakes. I think it gave Elaine an insight into what I've been harping on about in these notes about the camaraderie and friendship on this walk.

Tonight we are staying at Dale's in laws in Guisbrough, which is very good of them. Tomorrow is a long day at 18 miles with a tough start up Urra Moor but plainish sailing after that. My feet and ankle are sore and I've 2 lovely blisters but apart from that everything OK. Tomorrow we finish in Glaisdale with only 20 miles to do. The end is in sight and Friday will be a funny old day. A day of mixed emotions I bet.

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