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Ashley Heeley's Coast to Coast Diary
Day Eleven

Day 11 - Fields, more fields and playing Chicken

Richmond to Ingleby Arncliffe

Today was always going to be a tough day. 23 miles is a long way. Paula Ratcliffe may be able to cover the distance in just over 2 hours but 2 middle aged men with a lifetime of beer and good living would take a bit longer. (Dale objects to the term middle aged but you canít halt time Iím afraid. Mentally about 17 though).

The breakfast was good (7) after a nice curry in Richmond last night but I couldnít keep my promise of a beer free night. The bottle of Cobra was too tempting. We set off at about 9am and soon into a bunny hop hop song (Natís favourite) as we saw the first of many bunnies today. We walked today with Cindy and Nelson which was nice as they were great company. We could see the Cleveland Hills in the distance and they looked a long way away. We reached Danby Wiske for lunch and a well-earned rest. I tended to the nice blister that was forming on the side of my heel. It didnít look pretty but it wasnít causing too many problems. Ah the wonders of Compeed. We said goodbye to Cindy and Nelson, as they will finish on Saturday. They are great folks and it's been a privilege to know them.

As we left Danby Wiske we had a strange experience. As we past the tea room a couple of women stepped out and shouted our names. They said they had a message that there would be champagne and strawberries at Robin Hoodís Bay for us. After asking a few questions we found out that Miriam and Pat had left the message the night before. Nice touch.

mmmmm I wonder which way? (this farmer was obviously fed up with C2Cers walking through his farm and put 3 signs pointing left leaving anyone in no doubt)

Anyway, soon after Danby Wiske the Cleveland Hills suddenly looked closer and that gave us a lift for a while but the day started to get hard and the last 3 miles or so were quite difficult. Still the weather was perfect. The sting in the tail however, was left until the end. On the walk we have crossed the M6, the West Coast main line, even today we crossed the East Coast main line and the A1 by bridge or underpass but now we had to cross the last major North/South transport route, the A19, on foot. So after 23 miles with legs heavy, a backpack and walking boots, we had to run across a major dual carriageway. It certainly got the adrenalin going!! I intend to write to my County Councillor as this is an accident waiting to happen.

The highlight of the day was yet to come. When we arrived at our B&B Josephine the landlady sat us down and gave us a cup of tea and a cream tea with home made scones, jam and clotted cream from a farm close by. Fantastic. There is also a foot spa in the room although OK it was not as good as I thought it was going to be. She also bakes her own bread for breakfast and has kippers on the menu. Great so far.

We ventured down to the pub for tea and persuaded Kate who is walking with a group to spill the beans on what's been going on. Very funny. We also saw Karen and Paul who seem to have made up but face a 23-mile hike to Blakey Ridge tomorrow which is a tough day. Paul is threatening Karen with GBH for planning such a long stage. I expect tears at the end of tomorrow.

Elaine from Cytec is joining us tomorrow which is nice although she will have to ask permission to join our coast-to-coast bubble.

Hoping for a good day tomorrow as we start to tackle the last few miles. Staying at Daleís in laws so must behave.

Our flower. We saw this flower on just about every day.


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